Cake Boss Wrigley Field concoction dumped in trash

This is hilarious. Did you see this fancy “cake” (in quotes deliberately) that Cake Boss Buddy Valastro made for the Chicago Cubs? A “faithful” rendering of Wrigley Field. (probably tasted like Wrigley Field, too).

Cake Boss Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field Buddy Valastro Cake

100 Year Chicago Cub birthday cake tossed in dumpster

Well apparently – the Chicago Cubs don’t have a “logistics” department, because the “cake” was outside in the sun all day, and likely deemed inedible after a fancy $600 a plate “gala” (even though this so-called “cake” seemed more like a child’s toy you’d be putting together on Christmas Day), so someone ordered it to the dumpster outside.

But as usual in today’s politically-correct world – some “official” at the money-making racket Major League Baseball team called the Chicago Cubs had to release some kind of phony statement for the sake of posterity.

“The team made a decision not to serve the edible portion after the cake was on display outside Wrigley Field for most of the day. Though the cake was mostly made up of non-edible material, it certainly does not excuse how a celebratory cake artfully created by Buddy Valastro and Carlo’s Bakery was handled.”

When your daily list of crucial “decisions” to make include what to do with some useless “cake,” boy, I want YOUR job!

This is one of the exact reasons why we don’t pay attention to most media these days. (h/t mongo for the link – who said “That fucking pile of crap didn’t look like there was ONE edible thing on it!”)

Cake Boss Wrigley Field Cake dumpster Chicago Cubs