In Hoboken, other people’s garbage is your garbage too!

Poll Other People's Garbage in Hoboken NJLiving in a densely populated city like Hoboken, it’s hard not to figuratively “rub shoulders” with someone else or something you don’t like. Whether it’s the construction noise at a remediation site, loud Harley Davidson motorcycles revving down the street – or sloppy property owners.

Hoboken resident Phil was outraged by these two piles of “city refuse” collecting near the property of the Gray Line tour bus company. He even reached out to the city to “make someone accountable.”

If I were the property owner, I’d have some pride in my place. But that’s just me. Maybe the real property owner is nowhere to be found, and this parcel of land is just a cell on a spreadsheet to him? Perhaps the low-paid workers here don’t give a crap. Who knows.

But this garbage can’t clean up itself – so what would you do about it?

Poll: What to do about other people’s garbage

What do you do about "other people's garbage?"

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Hoboken residents angered by garbage grey line bus