Signs of the Hoboken economy

Do street signs give hints about the Hoboken economy?

While we don’t really eat carby baked goods much at all these days, that doesn’t stop us from noticing things on the sidewalk. At one point in time, that (pseudo) Old German Bakery on Washington Street used to give you a free cup of coffee with a small purchase. And not too long after that fair giveaway, they left the sign on the sidewalk, but just barely obscured the “free” part of the message – without putting much effort into truly removing that they’re no longer as generous.

I mean doesn’t coffee cost just a few nickels a cup? Kind of insulting that anyone can see that they rescinded the offer.

Is that a sign that Old German Bakery is struggling?

Old German Bakery in Hoboken NJ removes free coffee promotion

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  1. iforgotmymantra says:

    That’s pretty funny – they could have at least used a black sharpie marker.

  2. animal_lover says:

    actually it does have bonafide delectable German cakes – a german friend of mine like it si much he brought several pieces to freeze for later.

  3. homeworld says:

    Why’s it a “pseudo” German bakery? The owner is from Germany (albeit originally Turkey) and all of his ingredients are imported from Germany.

  4. joey maxim says:

    old true German Bakery was Schonings -sorry if typo..where Carlos bakery now stands..The crumbcake was wow…mom sent me to buy the day old cake ..hitched a ride in back of the 15 passiac bus running down Newark ave…to long ago but the owner was some baker..trivia makes one old

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