Planet Mac – “Gourmet Mac & Cheese”

Planet Mac coming soon to Hoboken NJOK, the new “concept restaurant” the owners of the doomed Jo’s Diner at 219 Washington Street have come up with is: Planet Mac – “Gourmet Mac & Cheese.”

Hmmm. For one, if I was going to label anything “gourmet,” I’d probably want to call it “Macaroni & Cheese,” not Mac & Cheese, but who’s being a stickler?

And two, most of us remember “Mac & Cheese” all the way back to childhood. Hardly a new “concept,” but rather just another item on a menu of choices.

While I wish them luck, it is certainly an uphill battle if you limit your food options to one (regardless of how many recipes or flavors you sell). Fresh Pommes Frites didn’t last long selling just ‘taters a few doors down, how popular will a place that sells nothing but Macaroni & Cheese be? I guess the market will decide.

If we see piles of elbow macaroni puke on the street on Friday and Saturday nights, perhaps that will be their sign of success?

Planet Mac Hoboken NJ Macaroni & Cheese

Description: Mac & Cheese store.
Address: 219 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD