Residents miffed by selective Hoboken parking enforcement in snow

You’ve heard of “selective Hoboken parking enforcement,” haven’t you? We’ve seen it before, whether it’s special treatment handed out to “insiders,” or the Hoboken Parking Utility breaking parking laws to “enforce” them. But what about during the snow? Maybe HPU employees just don’t want to get their hands cold & wet? See what “Mark on Bloomfield” has to say about that:

“So last week, I was unsure whether to move my car – it was in a Thursday spot, hemmed in by snow in 17 degree weather. Surely, the city couldn’t clean streets. I cleaned the snow off my car and left it. I got a ticket. But the cars around me – both piled with snow – did not get tickets. I looked closely. Maybe the enforcement in officer had no where to put the ticket. So it cost me $45 for cleaning off my car. Yeah Zimmer maybe accusing our asinine Governor, but she’s still milking residents with these ridiculous parking policies.”

Selective Hoboken parking enforcement during snowy winter NJ