What kind of “educational” staff do we have in Hoboken?

Here’s a little update regarding the good teacher shortage in Hoboken. The parent that was having issues at Wallace School received a letter regarding the situation.

“This letter came home with my son last week. They should proof-read before sending out letters, don’t you think? How are the kids going to learn if the staff themselves appear to need learning first? The new math teacher Mr. Sachs was at the school TWO days and just got up and left. No one can explain why. So sad!”

That’s Hoboken for ya!

Roger Bowley spelling errors on letter to Hoboken NJ parents at Wallace School

Letter: Bad getting worse? Hoboken school quality on the decline again?


Hoboken School Quality lack of teachersHoboken definitely isn’t known for their “top ranking” schools in the state, but when parents start pulling their kids out of the public “education” system here in the Mile Square, that should raise even more eyebrows.

Here’s what one parent had to say recently about the Wallace School:

“I wanted to share how bad Wallace school really is. My son goes to school there and last year he had no teacher because she was old and never in school due to doctors appointments and being sick all year.

This year he has no math teacher. I’ve tried complaining all year long and nothing has happened. Today I went in the school to get transfer papers because my son is tired of not learning and I asked them questions and they just looked at me with a blank face and had nothing to say. How do you go all year with out a teacher and not help the kids? Thanks to Hoboken public schools my son has to move to Paramus with his father to go to a better school.”

Perhaps it’s time to get answers from “reform” freaks like “Kids First?”

Hoboken school quality on the decline Wallace School