Sotheby’s Prominent Properties

Sotheby’s Prominent Properties moves offices in Hoboken NJ

501 Washington St. has been home to several businesses over the past eight years. Way back in 2006 it was a frozen treat store called Crema Lita (which also sold “SoHo Cupcakes”), that lasted less than six months. It quickly became Classic Realty Group before eventually the current home of Sotheby’s Prominent Properties.

Sotheby's Prominent Properties Hoboken NJ 501 Wash

Well apparently this property has some nagging problems which make it a chore to occupy, which is why Sotheby’s is relocating to the former Wells Fargo (Riviera Bakery) spot at 321 Washington Street.

Washington Street musical businesses continues!

New location:

Sotheby's Prominent Properties Hoboken NJ 321 Washington

Description: Real Estate
Address: 321 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)680-7270

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