City of Hoboken breaking & entering into personal vehicles

Here we go again. The city of Hoboken breaking & entering (i.e., holding vehicles hostage for ransom.) This improper towing is unacceptable! The administration ought to get prepared because the TV news channels will be calling on them (once the hype from our current winter storm “Hercules” passes). And no – this car wasn’t towed because it was on an “emergency tow route” either. Read on for more…

Robbery by the city of Hoboken

Hoboken Breaking & Entering illegally towing cars“This morning the City of Hoboken broke into and entered my car when it was legally parked on Garden Street one block from my home. Previously, I have made calls to the City parking office to clarify parking signs and issues. I generally call more than once so I make sure I have the consistent answer. I have even taken to checking my car in the morning and evening to be sure no new signs have been placed.

It is extremely disruptive and disorienting to have one cars towed under ordinary circumstances but when you are parked legally it is liked being robbed. Last night at midnight my car was parked legally and I noted it would also be legal the following day. Today, despite confirmations that my car was legally parked, at 2 PM, I came to find it had been towed.

This is the second time the City of Hoboken has illegally towed my car when it is parked legally right near my home. Imagine the shock and massive disruption that not having your vehicle creates. All this damage, because the City uses parking tickets to raise revenue – knowing that few people will have the time or inclination to fight.

Last time the City towed me illegally, in addition to appearing in court, it took six months and letters to the council to get my tow fees refunded despite the fact that the judge had recommended refund of the fees. No remuneration was made for the time involved in recovering my vehicle or the excessive time and aggravation necessary to fight for the refund of the fee associated w/ the illegal ticketing. The Mayor even mentioned in her annual address how incensed people get over being ticket and towed and that she would institute calling before a tow. Well, that’s a laugh, calling someone before they are towed when they are parked legally is just a front for an illegal tow.

Hoboken is not unique in shaking down its citizens for parking revenues. But it does however go to vast extremes in its attempts to maximize parking revenues. Suffice it to say there are numerous examples – too many to mention in a brief note.

Currently my vehicle is in a garage in hock for a $177 tow fee. That in addition to the ticket amounts to a $225-$250 shake down of an innocent party. In the Mayors absence (where is she anyway?), I asked a constituent service aid to accompany me on this journey of what an innocent person goes through in trying to both retrieve his/her vehicle and fight the City. He declined. I also requested that a credit be held on my taxes while I am fighting this. One of the aides said that would take a new ordinance to make it happen.

This robbery of the citizens by the municipality needs to have a light shined upon it in order to be stopped. I’m sure Fox 5 or Eyewitness News would have interest in doing a story about this.”

Hoboken NJ

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