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hoboken city tax collector lawsuit louis picardo 520x245 - Neighbors sue Tax Collector over construction

Neighbors sue Tax Collector over construction

Picardo Zoning hearing pulled; Scaffolding erected Last weeks Zoning hearing for the controversial Picardo property on Castle Point never materialized, and now scaffolding is being erected at the residence. Neighbors assume it’s to begin...

Hoboken Councilman Michael Russo eats lunch with FBI Informant Solomon Dwek at Light Horse Tavern Jersey City NJ 520x245 - More on the "Jersey Sting"

More on the “Jersey Sting”

Jersey Sting authors defend Michael Russo, call Pay-to-Play law a “well-intentioned failure.” The authors of The Jersey Sting were back in Hoboken Saturday afternoon to discuss their book at the library on 5th and...

odd zoning approval in hoboken nj 520x245 - Hobokenpix: Who approved this?

Hobokenpix: Who approved this?

8/7/2009: Been meaning to post this for a while… Zoning retardation? I’ll admit I’m a bit lazy sometimes. Tired too. I could have easily “done research” and sifted through historical records (if they exist)...