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Hoboken NJ 2011 St. Anns Italian Festival 520x245 - 2011 St. Ann's Italian Festival

2011 St. Ann’s Italian Festival

101st St. Ann’s Feast begins on July 21, 2011 in Hoboken It’s that time of year again! One week from today marks the first of six days of Italian Festival fun on the west...

Hoboken Italian Festival 2010 520x245 - 2010 Feast of the Madonna Dei Martiri

2010 Feast of the Madonna Dei Martiri

9/11/2010 Update: Statue makes rounds in Hoboken NJ A photo gallery of today’s statue procession, which is an annual treat for all Italian Festival attendees! And don’t forget the incredible fireworks tomorrow! See video...

Hoboken NJ St. Anns Festival Feast July 21 to 26 2010 520x245 - St. Anns Festival 2010

St. Anns Festival 2010

7/26/2010 Update: Procession in Progress The Procession with St. Ann is in progress in and around many streets in Hoboken. Expect temporary street closures and traffic re-direction as a result.