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Egypt release US Citizen Ilan Grapel banner seen from Hoboken New Jersey 520x245 - Marketing for Egypt in NYC?

Marketing for Egypt in NYC?

Is this plane 5000 miles off-course? There are six billion people on earth. It’s not practical to follow the plight of every soul who’s been wronged in one way or another. We try –...

Haiti Earthquake Text Message Scam and Fraud 520x245 - Haiti Earthquake - Beware of scams

Haiti Earthquake – Beware of scams

1/14/2010: Scams galore! I’m sure you all know about the massive earthquake devastation over in Haiti – the poorest country in the western hemisphere. If their luck couldn’t get any worse – now they...

hoboken breakfast nuggets logo 520x245 - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets - 9/2/2009

Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 9/2/2009

9/2/2009: Sort of a new feature… maybe Quite often, I have many little tidbits of information that might be interesting or useful to Hoboken411 readers. Some get posted, others may not be worthy of...