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there is no right language 520x245 - For the grammar nutjobs

For the grammar nutjobs

Grammar Nutjobs – Grammar Nazis – the attacks continue {even worse now!} You know how the political “divide” seems to be getting worse these days? MINUTIAE is now considered a major play in the...

one does not simply stay calm behind slow drivers 520x245 - Slow driving epidemic

Slow driving epidemic

What is causing the slow driving epidemic? Over the past few months – I’ve noticed a peculiar trend driving around the NYC tri-state area. What is causing this slow driving epidemic? The first few...

Hoboken Parking Utility now damages and scratches cars with parking boots 520x245 - Why does Hoboken hate cars so much?

Why does Hoboken hate cars so much?

2/16/2011: City of Hoboken now resorts to physical abuse Not sure if I need to remind anyone that we do actually live in America. Where you can work hard, earn your money – and...