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Flash Flood Watch Hoboken NJ April 28 and 29 2011 520x245 - Flash Flood Watch in effect

Flash Flood Watch in effect

Heavy rain & flash flooding possible for Hoboken The National Weather Service has a Flash Food Watch in effect for the Hoboken area through this evening. “Showers & thunderstorms ahead of a cold front...

Hoboken NJ Weather Updates Hoboken411 520x245 - Hoboken Weather Watch

Hoboken Weather Watch

New Feature for 2010: Weather watches for the Hoboken area Whether it’s flood warnings, severe storms or potential crippling blizzards – Hoboken411 will post updates and announcements regarding short-term weather situations here in the...

Hoboken Rain Flood January 25 2010 520x245 - Hoboken Flash Flood Watch!

Hoboken Flash Flood Watch!

1/25/2010: Maybe, Maybe Not… Currently, the Hoboken area is under a “Flash Flood Watch,” with the potential for some heavy rain which can leading localized flooding. While the National Weather Service is predicting heavy...