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Wasted bike rack opportunities

Wasted bike rack opportunities

Valuable Hoboken equipment left unused along Sinatra Drive Hoboken411 receives quite a few complaints about the inadequate number of bike racks in town – especially by the PATH station (bikes still locked to fences)....

hoboken city hall with windows open during cold day

Hot air at City Hall

12/5/2008: Hoboken411 reader Tim noticed some more waste at City Hall: Turn down the thermostat! “Was walking by the courthouse and noticed a bunch of open windows. It was 25 degrees that day! Oh...

hoboken police suv 145 tinted license plate

Reader Mail: Pimped out cop cars

9/17/2008: Hoboken411 reader “nacholibre” was curious about one particular police vehicle today. I happened to see the same SUV and snapped this pic during my afternoon walk around town… What’s with the plate cover?...