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VP Joe Biden visits Benny Tudino in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Biden eats at Benny's

Biden eats at Benny’s

VP Joe Biden swings by Benny Tundino’s in Hoboken, NJ As you might have known, yesterday was a bit nutty for Hoboken traffic, as Vice President Joe Biden swung by for some post Hurricane...

mccain selects sarah palin as running mate 520x245 - McCain selects Sarah Palin for VP

McCain selects Sarah Palin for VP

8/29/2008: Do you think an attractive Vice Presidential running mate has secured John McCain’s victory? From the AP: McCain chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for V.P. John McCain tapped little-known Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin...

barack obama vice presidential choice 520x245 - Who will be Obama's VP?

Who will be Obama’s VP?

8/21/2008: Fox News reported today that Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has “already picked” his running-mate for Vice President, but wouldn’t say who. Who do you think it’ll be? Who is the best choice?...