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Hoboken resident’s video treasure

Hoboken resident’s video treasure

8/14/2009: Halley was always a video star! Hoboken411 reader Mike sent me a video link about a fairly well-known Hoboken resident (especially in political circles)… “You’ve seen Halley speak at city council meetings, and...

vh1 that metal show free tickets hoboken411 520x245 - Free tickets: That Metal Show

Free tickets: That Metal Show

9/18/2008: Gotham Casting is again inviting Hoboken411 readers to tapings of a TV show. This time VH1’s “That Metal Show” Complimentary Ticket Offer VH1 Classic Presents – That Metal Show Hosted by Eddie Trunk,...

hoboken bret michaels rock of love bus casting craigslist 520x245 - Bret Michaels "Rock of Love" Bus

Bret Michaels “Rock of Love” Bus

8/1/2008: Or you can call it what Gawker calls it: VH1 “hepatitis bus” could soon be chugging into Hoboken Rock of Love, in which former Poison something-or-other Bret Michaels tries to find the love...