nw hoboken proposed development renderings ursa tarragon 520x245 - Upper Grand observations

Upper Grand observations

8/8/2008: As you might already know, there have been quite a few entries regarding URSA/Tarragon’s Upper Grand residential buildings on Hoboken411 this week. Mainly because I was bringing the real estate entries in the...

hoboken real estate upper grand 1000 jefferson south 2 520x245 - Upper Grand - 1000 Jefferson

Upper Grand – 1000 Jefferson

8/7/2008: Here’s yet another new Real Estate entry I was missing on Hoboken411. Again, part of URSA/Tarragon’s “Upper Grand” series of apartment buildings. These are considered “luxury rentals,” and the complex features an outdoor...

Oh boy, eminent domain… revisited

Oh boy, eminent domain… revisited

Remember the two businesses by the Hoboken High School field that were supposed to be demolished and turned into condos? This was part of the NW development plan, and a contract was signed in...