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1000 Jefferson Flooding Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Nightmare at 1000 Jefferson Street

Nightmare at 1000 Jefferson Street

Toxic irritants used to clean 1000 Jefferson in Hoboken? 11/14/2012 Update: Wow – this is freaky, and a scary concern for dog owners living at 1000 Jefferson Street during the “cleanup” from Hurricane Sandy....

nw hoboken proposed development renderings ursa tarragon 520x245 - Upper Grand observations

Upper Grand observations

8/8/2008: As you might already know, there have been quite a few entries regarding URSA/Tarragon’s Upper Grand residential buildings on Hoboken411 this week. Mainly because I was bringing the real estate entries in the...

hoboken real estate upper grand 1000 jefferson south 2 520x245 - Upper Grand - 1000 Jefferson

Upper Grand – 1000 Jefferson

8/7/2008: Here’s yet another new Real Estate entry I was missing on Hoboken411. Again, part of URSA/Tarragon’s “Upper Grand” series of apartment buildings. These are considered “luxury rentals,” and the complex features an outdoor...