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Website upgrade and makeover Hoboken Hoboken411 520x245 - Hoboken411 Updated!

Hoboken411 Updated!

5/24/2010 Update: A few more tweaks, a few more to go… Updating a website that you run 100% independently by yourself is no easy task – and creates quite a few challenges. Even though...

Target Jersey City

Target Jersey City

5/11/2010: Jersey City Target renovates, expands supermarket & groceries I could have sworn that at some point in the past four years – within the 10,000 stories published on Hoboken411, that there’d be a...

Windows 7 works great 520x245 - Tech Talk: Windows 7

Tech Talk: Windows 7

2/17/2010: [Continuing this week’s featured post series about technology that Hoboken residents may be using or thinking about using…] Finally less Microsoft headaches! Without getting into the “Mac vs. PC” war (I’ve been a...