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Stormy Hoboken NJ 3 520x245 - Stormy Hoboken Skies

Stormy Hoboken Skies

Dark skies can be beautiful in Hoboken Hoboken411 readers Jennifer & Heather sent in some cool pre-storm pics in from last weekend. Definitely seems like this summer we’ve had more strange cloud formations than...

Hoboken Storm Pics 7th Sign Photography 0 520x245 - Hoboken storm photos

Hoboken storm photos

Awesome Hoboken storm photos We may have had a short-lived and non-damaging storm rumble through this evening – but Jay from 7th Sign Photography captured some excellent images nonetheless! Edgewater Golf Range Derecho Update:...

NJ Politician nearly struck by lightning

NJ Politician nearly struck by lightning

Mother nature freaks out talking head in a suit Considering we’re under a severe thunderstorm watch at the moment, thought this was funny… Lighting & thunder spooks NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney live on...

Stormy Weather potential in Hoboken NJ on Thursday June 9 2011 520x245 - Steamy days leads to stormy nights?

Steamy days leads to stormy nights?

Potential for dangerous thunderstorms after Hoboken heat wave Nothing officially announced as of yet – but weather forecasters are suggesting that the entire Northeast has the potential for stormy weather tonight. Consider yourself informed!

Hoboken Blizzard Videos

Hoboken Blizzard Videos

12/26/2010 Update: Sickest weather seen in Hoboken in ages! Some Hoboken Blizzard tidbits – then my latest signature video… For one – I’ve always been a snow lover – always will be. But for...

Hoboken Tornado Watch Cake Boss makes tornado cake 520x245 - Hot & Steamy Saturday

Hot & Steamy Saturday

7/23/2010 Update: Hoboken gets wet for a while; free fireworks Tornado Watch Canceled – brutal heat & humidity for Saturday, though… The brunt of our recent summer thunderstorm was to the north – But...