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Uber on the ropes

Is Uber on the ropes?

CA: Uber drivers ARE employees Looks like super-popular app-based ride service Uber recevied a pretty devastating blow recently (at least in the State of California): alifornia Labor Commission has ruled that Uber drivers are...

Uber Hoboken NJ

Uber Office in Hoboken

Non-event – An Uber office in Hoboken, NJ Yawn. Is an app-company office reason for excitement? Some folks got “excited” because the (app company) Uber opened up an office on Washington Street in Hoboken,...

Uber Hoboken Everyones Private Driver

Uber taxing government?

Taxi Cartel, Uber Technology, What does it all mean anyway? Okay, so the big debate these days is between the “taxi cartel” (yellow cabs, traditional livery services) and this new app-based “ride acquisition” company...

Hoboken Taxi Cab Photo Quiz Solution

Where are these yellow cabs?

Hoboken Photo Quiz: Where are these cabs? Here’s today’s Hoboken “Where is this?” photo quiz. Can you guess where this sea of yellow cabs is? Have a nice weekend, too!