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Tre Chique Salon Hoboken NJ

Tre Chique

Tre Chique – 1200 Grand Street – Hoboken, NJ Now “officially” open at 12th & Grand Streets in Hoboken (formerly MathWizard) is Tre Chique Salon (Trè Chique if you want to get technical). Here’s...

vision of hair salon hoboken nj

Vision of Hair

Vision of Hair – 333 Adams Street The third beauty update this week! (The other two being Mimo Lash and Salon Phoenix), we now welcome which is located at 333 Adams Street (corner of...

next best thing are you content

Never content!

The next best – are you ever content? A little over a week ago, our “inspirational quote of the week” was: o not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; Remember...