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Hoboken snow storm potential February 2nd and 4th 2011 520x245 - Slippery February Ice Storm

Slippery February Ice Storm

2/2/2011 Update: See comments for latest Hoboken411 weather updates… nasty stuff! Exercise Caution in Hoboken: Slippery goings! What a nightmare in Hoboken. My three hour walking tour around town was no easy task. Even...

Hoboken NJ Snow Forecast January 7 2011 520x245 - Hoboken Snow Event: January 7, 2011

Hoboken Snow Event: January 7, 2011

1/6/2011: How much snow will Hoboken get? Hoboken and the NYC Tri-State area is slated to get *some* kind of snow precipitation starting either late tonight or early Friday morning. Weather forecasters are having...