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stevens park dog run

Stevens Park / Little League Field

Stevens Park broken already in Hoboken Update 2: Here are some more pictures and observations regarding the Stevens Park dog run. The water fountain is already broken / leaking. The geniuses that installed it...

snowman chilling out at hoboken park

Readerpix: Chillaxin’ Snow Man

1/23/2009: Hoboken411 reader Chris sent in this picture of a snow man chilling on the park bench at Stevens Park. Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 1/23/2009 [Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Readerpix entry!...

pier a park hoboken labor day 2008 fw

Hoboken has (some) parks!

9/5/2008: Oh my god. As I was taking a brief 20-minute power-nap the other day, I had this horrific nightmare: People living in Hoboken didn’t know we actually had a few parks in town!...