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Hoboken False Advertising Southwest Park Dawn Zimmer Taxpayer funded

Hoboken False Advertising

Big time Hoboken false advertising with SW Park sign downtown Wow. Sometimes you just have to wonder, “how does crap like this happen?” There is a big sign downtown (property taxpayer funded) that proclaims...

Hoboken Week in Review February 12 2012 Eli Manning Hoboken411 NJ

Hoboken Week in Review: 2/12/2012

Weekly Recap for Hoboken, NJ – February 12, 2012 Congrats again, to Hoboken resident Eli Manning and the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants! A selection of noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, February...

Upcoming Hoboken NJ meetings transportation and parks

Parks meeting tonight

12/6/2010 Reminder: Parks meeting: Southwest curiously absent Over 3 years ago, then Council candidate (and now Mayor) Dawn Zimmer made the Southwest Park the cornerstone of her “plan.” Now, over 1200 days later –...