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Darwin the dog for adoption Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Adopt Darwin the dog!

Adopt Darwin the dog!

“Darwin” the dog needs a Hoboken home – are you ready? Hoboken “friend of dogs” Jamie is back with super awesome looking dog today named “Darwin.” He looks like he has a great personality...

Paulie the dog Hoboken NJ 2 520x245 - Adopt Paulie the dog!

Adopt Paulie the dog!

“Paulie” the pooch needs a Hoboken home – is he for you? Hoboken “friend of dogs” Jamie is back with another astonishingly cute puppy today named “Paulie.” This adorable fella will likely be adopted...

Adopt Sassy the dog Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Adopt Sassy!

Adopt Sassy!

Sassy the adorable Husky / Shepard mix needs a loving home! Hoboken411 reader Jaime is back with another dog up for adoption. After successfully getting Mr. Peeps a nice home after featuring him here...