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Howard Stern 2nd Amendment

The right to defend yourself

Why should the right to defend yourself be limited? {guns, etc.?} We all know that one of the great big ‘ole debates this decade is about “guns.” And by now, you’ve already decided how...

Hoboken411 Week in Review January 30 2011 520x245 - Hoboken Week in Review: 1/30/2011

Hoboken Week in Review: 1/30/2011

1/30/2011: If you’re parked on 4th Street today – read this notice! The most noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, January 30, 2011: Politics and City Happenings All snowed out! – Mother Nature...

Crime fighting class at renzo gracie hoboken nj 520x245 - Crime Fighting Seminar for Women

Crime Fighting Seminar for Women

1/27/2011: With the economy in the crapper, and no end in sight for unemployment – now’s a better time than ever for women to learn some serious self-defense. There’s a great Crime Fighting Seminar...

Martial Arts / Self Defense

Martial Arts / Self Defense

. MARTIAL ARTS / SELF DEFENSE CLASSESAikido of HobokenGirls Fight BackHoboken Karate AcademyMorning Tai ChiSoo Bahk Do – Korean Martial ArtsSport TaekwondoTiger Schulmann’s KarateYMCA

hoboken aikikai aikido 520x245 - Aikido of Hoboken

Aikido of Hoboken

10/1/2007 Update: Aikido Event: Great Aikido demonstration this Sunday from 2-3pm at the Monroe Center for the Arts, Suite C504 (5th floor). Featuring: Rick Stickles, 6th Degree Black Belt – Chief Instructor Aikido Schools...

martial arts academy union city cs 520x245 - Friday Fun: Scare Tactics

Friday Fun: Scare Tactics

This isn’t exactly Hoboken, but was spotted on the way back to town in neighboring Union City. A Martial Arts studio advertising the reasons why you need your black belt. “Child Abduction Prevention”, and...