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The Six Lesson Schoolteacher 520x245 - The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher

The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher

Below is a famous essay from renowned New York Teacher John Taylor Gatto (1935-2018). This has been circulating for close to 30 years. However, if you haven’t read it – here is your chance....

have you figured out why school is just wrong

Why are school events newsworthy?

Why are school events newsworthy? Ever. From local fish-wraps (especially) all the way up the “news” spectrum – we find it strange that anything related to schools should ever be much news at all....

possible child abuse at apple montessori school in Hoboken NJ

Rough childcare?

Update: Apple Montessori School releases statement Here is a statement released from Apple Montessori Schools this afternoon regarding the “viral” video involving their facility at Maxwell Place: STATEMENT ISSUED ON BEHALF OF APPLE MONTESSORI...