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Clearview Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie Schedule weekend of July 30 2010 Salt Dinner for Schmucks Kids are Alright Despicable Me Inception 520x245 - Hoboken Movie Lineup: 7/30/2010

Hoboken Movie Lineup: 7/30/2010

7/30/2010: Five different movies this weekend – Inception still playing on one screen, and Despicable Me 3D for the kids, plus three others! Now playing at Hoboken Clearview Cinemas this weekend For July 30th,...

Hoboken sidewalks snow salt and dogs paws 520x245 - Salty Hoboken Sidewalks and your dogs!

Salty Hoboken Sidewalks and your dogs!

12/21/2009: Is your dog getting sick? Since yesterday (and the nice snowstorm we got), I’ve received quite a few emails about resident’s dogs. Several indicating that the dogs have become quite SICK (i.e., bowel...