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Chokin' Hoboken no space for deliveries

Chokin’ Hoboken

Putting the squeeze on – “Chokin’ Hoboken” Adopting progressive ideals for yourself is one thing – force-feeding them is another. As we’ve mentioned already, the recent implementation of both rigid bollards on the roads...

Drunk walking is worse than driving?

Drunk walking is worse than driving?

Study: Pedestrian deaths often because of “drunk walking” You follow Hoboken411 on Twitter, and you’ll see many updates involving pedestrians struck by cars. Happens pretty much daily in Hoboken. And the argument often has...

Does Hoboken NJ need pedestrian bridges like North Bergen 520x245 - Time for pedestrian bridges?

Time for pedestrian bridges?

Would pedestrian bridges be a good fit in Hoboken? Hoboken411 reader Dave – who’s been around a long time in Hoboken, has also noticed the trend of disturbing pedestrian accidents in town. And as...