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ZAPped by Second-hand smoke?

ZAP – Zero Agression Principle {smoking} ZAPped by Second-hand smoke? Post by Kent McManigal. I recently saw someone making the claim that “second-hand smoke” violates the Zero Aggression Principle. If someone doesn’t want you...

how we got to here stay calm

How we got to here

A thinking man’s piece. Those who attend “protests” would be completely unable to comprehend this… How we got to here By Eric Peters Not so much physically but morally. They began to care more...

hoboken taxi rules

Don’t let taxi drivers scam you!

10/20/2009: Know your taxi rights! Lately, I’ve noticed quite a bit of griping about the Hoboken Taxi’s, ride sharing, and more here on Hoboken411 – and reader Todd snapped this “reminder” photo of a...