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puerto Spain 520x245 - Puerto Spain {what next?}

Puerto Spain {what next?}

What next for the old Puerto Spain location in Hoboken? We knew Puerto Spain was on the chopping block for a long while – and even thought an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza might be...

Trinity Hoboken closed 306 Sinatra Drive

Trinity Bar

Trinity Hoboken closes for good Welp – in Hoboken has closed for good. They “hung on” for a while, but mediocrity and longevity are not ideal bed mates. They closed this week, and thanked...

Pure Pita Hoboken NJ

Pure Pita

Pita Grill – now Pure Pita in Hoboken Pita Grill is now referred to as Pure Pita in Hoboken. In case you were unaware, they have two other locations besides Hoboken (Morristown, Montclair), with...