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President Trump Signs Executive Orders Obamacare ACA

Trump’s First Full Day

Trump’s First Full Day {Rock On Donald!} How great is this? President Trump is steamrolling ahead, just as he envisioned! One immediate executive order was to curtail the disaster called the “ACA” (I won’t...

do you love your dog

Do you love your dog?

Do you love your dog? {update} A quick bump from this post from (last decade). A post we wrote called “Do you love your dog?” It was about my first pooch Oscar. Don’t worry...

Pedestrian Death Wish Hoboken NJ

Pedestrian Death Wish?

Pedestrian Death Wish in Hoboken? Every time we take the car out in Hoboken – the pedestrian calamity is worsening. There is no better phrase for this than “Pedestrian Death Wish.” As the pocket...