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Peter Schweizer Hoboken NJ Republican Dinner Amandas March 28 2012 520x245 - Republican Dinner features Peter Schweizer

Republican Dinner features Peter Schweizer

Peter Schweizer comes to Amanda’s in Hoboken for Republican Dinner Best selling author, Peter Schweizer, will be the guest speaker at the Republicans of Hoboken Lincoln Day Dinner on March 28, 2012 at Amanda’s...

Republicans of Hoboken Wine Tasting Amandas Restaurant October 26 2010 520x245 - Hoboken Republicans Wine Tasting

Hoboken Republicans Wine Tasting

10/19/2010: Next Tuesday… Come and meet your neighbors Make new friends and talk wine. “On Tuesday, October 26th from 7 to 9pm, The Republicans of Hoboken invite you and your friends to a fun...

Republican Dinner Amandas Hoboken NJ March 30 2010 520x245 - Republicans Speaker Series Dinner

Republicans Speaker Series Dinner

3/19/2010: An interesting political dinner with a well known guest talking about a problem which is prevalent in our country, cities and states: Voter Fraud. Republicans of Hoboken hold first Speaker Series Topic: How...

hoboken republicans debate watch party nine nj 520x245 - Debate "watch party" for Republicans

Debate “watch party” for Republicans

10/1/2009: Debate Watching Party for NJ Governor If you’re a Hoboken Republican – you’ll surely want to gather at NINE (333 Washington) tonight to watch Chris Christie will appear in the first debate of...

Moving to Canada?

Moving to Canada?

10/27/2008: One Hoboken411 reader thought this political video parody of “another four years” of Republicans was funny:

sarah palin as president webiste palinaspresident 520x245 - Have fun with Sarah Palin!

Have fun with Sarah Palin!

10/17/2008: I’m sure many of you may have seen this fun political gag website: palinaspresident.us right? Updated daily, you move your mouse around and “unlock” new actions or sound-effects. Give it a shot every...

McCain’s Nightmare

McCain’s Nightmare

8/27/2008: Based on the negative reports for both Presidential candidates, you might think to yourself “are these the only two choices we have?” Barack Obama has had quite a few entries here on Hoboken411...