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Hurricane Sandy Fundraising in Hoboken NJ drop in bucket 520x245 - Hoboken Charity Math Quiz

Hoboken Charity Math Quiz

Sorting through Hurricane “charity” mumbo jumbo in Hoboken While some charities that exist out there really do make a positive difference, we all know that not all of them are properly run – or...

Shopping local in Hoboken New Jersey NJ 520x245 - What is truly local in Hoboken?

What is truly local in Hoboken?

“Shopping Local” in Hoboken, NJ – what does that mean? After hurricane Sandy – the biggest catch phrase of the year immediately became “shop local!!” “Support local businesses now!”, “Help Hoboken rebuild!” And so...

Rebuild Hoboken charity questions after Hurricane Sandy 520x245 - Rebuild transparency?

Rebuild transparency?

Letter: Hoboken “rebuild” charity missing vital information Whenever tragedies like Hurricane Sandy take place – the flurry of charities that pop up can be mind-numbing. And while people are kind and generally vulnerable during...