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Hells Kitchen Casting in New York and New Jersey 520x245 - Gordon Ramsay wants YOU!

Gordon Ramsay wants YOU!

Hells Kitchen casting again in NY and NJ! Are you an aspiring Chef in the New Jersey or New York area? Most interesting castings coming from New Jersey! I spoke with a Senior Casting...

Cake Boss NYC Times Square in addition to Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Will Cake Boss lines now get shorter?

Will Cake Boss lines now get shorter?

Buddy adds Cake Boss location in NYC Times Square We all know the Cake Boss lines in Hoboken NJ are ridiculous. Thousands of visitors come to the Mile Square city to catch a glimpse...

South Park Its a Jersey Thing 520x245 - South Park: It's a Jersey Thing

South Park: It’s a Jersey Thing

10/14/2010: New Jersey ridiculed on South Park For those that might have missed South Park last night – they did an entire episode about Jersey… further riding the coat tails of (and mocking) shows...