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Things to really think about

Things to really think about While a huge majority of people think about social media pecking order, superficial items, vanity, entertainment and other worthless aspects of life – there has to be more fruitful...

words versus actions trump

Words vs. Actions

Rhetoric or reality? Words vs. Actions Here’s some food for thought this morning. Words vs. Actions. Can any of you tell the difference? So all those people are “protesting” Trump – who hasn’t really...

digitally elsewhere in Hoboken NJ

Digitally Elsewhere

Digitally Elsewhere in Hoboken (part of the {dis}connected series) Continuing our series about being connected – or as many might also say is actually “dis-connected” with reality. See parts one through three here. Today’s...

facebook fraud continues with sequestering in Hoboken NJ

Facebook Fraud (Part II)

Facebook Fraud (Part II – sequestering) Last week, we posted a story on Hoboken411 – about how Facebook fraudulently “skews” their numbers for videos (and most likely every single number front to back, including...

spreading ourselves thin how much is too much

Spreading ourselves thin

Modern humanity: Spreading ourselves thin? Two recent posts on Hoboken411 – Social Media Feed and Are Humans Designed To Live So Close To Each Other? got me thinking. How many of you see the...

Jerseylicious coming to Hoboken?

Jerseylicious coming to Hoboken?

8/9/2010: Oh boy more Hoboken reality TV Funny this story should come right after the “Shake the NJ Stereotypes” entry right before – but I caught wind that the girls from Jerseylicious are apparently...

Friday Fun: Facebook in real life

Friday Fun: Facebook in real life

8/29/2008: With seemingly millions of people now downright obsessed with their Facebook accounts more than actual real life, imagine what it would be like if Facebook WAS real life?