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hobokenrechart1 520x245 - Hoboken Real Estate Stats

Hoboken Real Estate Stats

A reader shares his observations regarding the latest Otteau Report. Do you agree with his thoughts? Here’s the link to the PDF file for Hudson County: http://www.otteau.com/The_Otteau_Report/2006.Q3.HudsonCounty.pdf The third quarter report from NJ real...

we buy houses cash 11th wash 520x245 - Bubble?


I’ve noticed a few of these signs going up more and more both in Hoboken and surrounding towns. Sign of things to come?

hobokentaxtrauma 520x245 - Hoboken: Very low Tax Trauma Index

Hoboken: Very low Tax Trauma Index

With all the complaints about rising real estate costs in Hoboken and surrounding areas, it’s interesting to put things into context from time to time, looking at all the variables, such as average residential...

Oh boy, eminent domain… revisited

Oh boy, eminent domain… revisited

Remember the two businesses by the Hoboken High School field that were supposed to be demolished and turned into condos? This was part of the NW development plan, and a contract was signed in...