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Summer Scenes in Hoboken NJ 1 520x245 - Down by the waterfront

Down by the waterfront

Scenes of Summer in Hoboken, NJ A Hoboken411 reader who goes by the name “Cornelius Clickener” (the name of the first Hoboken Mayor elected in 1855), will be making periodic contributions to the site....

Hoboken batman as photographed by Chris Gachot 520x245 - Batman in Black & White

Batman in Black & White

Costumed Batman Character poses in Hoboken Below is a well-done pic of the infamous Hoboken Batman who gladly posed for the shot by Photographer Chris Gachot. Excellent composition indeed! Yesterday, the “mentally ill fella...

Tall Ships Fleet Week Hoboken NJ Pier C Park 520x245 - Tall ships on the Hudson

Tall ships on the Hudson

Fleet Week featured some tall ships! Hoboken411 reader mrfreddy submitted this Fleet Week New York photo with Hoboken’s Pier C Park as part of the arrangement. “I arrived a bit late to the piers...