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Sun sets over Hoboken NJ summer 2016 Jay Rubenstein

Sun sets over Hoboken

Photo: Sun sets over Hoboken Hoboken resident Jay Rubenstein recently took this late evening photo of the sun getting close to setting over the horizon. Sometimes shots like this (sans people and the mess...

Hoboken Rainbow Sunset 2

Hoboken Rainbow Sunset

Hoboken Rainbow Sunset {Vivid} Fall is always an interesting season. You get the “hot again – cold again” fluctuations in temperature, (sometimes even an Indian Summer after the first frost), as well as potentially...

Rainbow at Hoboken City Hall

Rainbow at Hoboken City Hall

What’s at the end of the Rainbow at Hoboken City Hall? Hoboken411 reader Brian caught this incredible photo opportunity yesterday evening from his back porch. An awesome rainbow against a dark sky. But take...