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Hello, McFly back to the future car in Hoboken New Jersey

Hello, McFly!

Hello, McFly! Back to the Future Car visits Hoboken, NJ This past weekend, I happened to be in the presence of the Sunday Funnies… and flicked through them briefly. But what caught my eye...

Laundry troubles in Hoboken NJ after Hurricane Sandy 520x245 - Hijacked Laundromats!

Hijacked Laundromats!

Letter: Commercial businesses taking over Laundromats after Sandy Hoboken411 reader John noticed an interesting trend after our epic late October cyclone. That laundromats all over the effected area are being hijacked by commercial businesses...

Walk to Newport PATH from Hoboken NJ easy 520x245 - Commute to NYC is not that hard!

Commute to NYC is not that hard!

Letter to Hoboken: Walking is not rocket science! Since the PATH station downtown will remain closed for a while due to damage from Hurricane Sandy – many residents are griping about the painful commute...