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cat versus dog in hoboken

Caption this: Cat vs. Dog

10/21/2008: Hoboken411 reader Mike thought it would be fun to have a “caption this” entry about this classic “cat vs. dog” showdown he caught on film. Cat vs. dog – “Stop feeding the meters!”...

hoboken fox hill upside down american flag

Reader Mail: Upside down U.S. Flag?

10/21/2008: Hank sent Hoboken411 this brief message about an un-patriotic resident at Fox Hill Gardens. Senility or on purpose? “One of the units in the housing project building on Clinton between 12th and 13th...

commerce bank sidewalk hoboken

Breaking the bank

10/20/2008: Hoboken411 reader Mike sent in these pics of “Heavy machinery cracking the sidewalk near Commerce Bank…” (PS, it’s a good day in Hoboken when this is the only bad news about banks!)

hoboken board of education recap october 14 2008

10/14/2008 Board of Ed recap

10/17/2008: The Hoboken Board of Education meetings have been quite the busy stories on Hoboken411. The latest hot-button topic is the teachers contract, as well as the intense meeting two weeks ago. Maureen Sullivan,...

hoboken dangerous intersection harrison street paterson ave

Dreadful intersection on Harrison

10/14/2008: In today’s Hoboken411 reader mail bag – we have a resident – who after seeing the entry about the never-ending red traffic light near the SkyClub – wanted to add another annoying (and...

hoboken street cleaning early

Reader Mail: Early bird street sweeper

10/6/2008: Hoboken411 reader Mike is puzzled by the crack-of-dawn street sweeper activity… WTF? Why so early? “I experienced something interesting which I don’t believe I’ve seen before in the past 2 years that I’ve...

hoboken 1202 hudson fire 1 sm

More on the 1202 Hudson Fire

strong>10/6/2008: Here is an update from 1202 Hudson resident Kelly – and what has happened “since the fire”…. 1202 Hudson Update “Thank you SO much for the coverage! I think you are going nationwide...