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Hoboken Rainbow Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Hoboken Rainbow Mayor Dawn

Hoboken Rainbow Mayor Dawn (Is everything perfect?) Continuing the newest Hoboken411 category today – Hoboken Cartoons, is sort of a play on yesterday’s Hoboken Photo of the Day entry: “Rainbow Mayor Dawn” which depicts...

Rainbow at Hoboken City Hall

Rainbow at Hoboken City Hall

What’s at the end of the Rainbow at Hoboken City Hall? Hoboken411 reader Brian caught this incredible photo opportunity yesterday evening from his back porch. An awesome rainbow against a dark sky. But take...

Hoboken Rainbow July 13 2011 520x245 - Giant Summer Rainbow

Giant Summer Rainbow

Rainbow in Hoboken leads to? Hoboken411 reader Chris snapped this shot of a big summer rainbow after our late evening shower today. Strangely – the rainbow leads to the Sinatra Drive sinkhole in Hoboken....

Empire State Building Rainbow Colors 520x245 - Rainbow Colors on Empire State Building

Rainbow Colors on Empire State Building

11/21/2010: To commemorate Furthur concert at MSG For those wondering what those rainbow colors were on the Empire State Building – and were disappointed to see “Private Lighting” listed – know that it was...

Hoboken Pot Of Gold Rainbow Photograph 520x245 - Hoboken Pot of Gold!

Hoboken Pot of Gold!

10/29/2010: Rainbow Riches for some lucky Hoboken people! Hoboken411 readers Renee and Leslie managed to catch the tail end of this quick rainbow that popped up after brief rain this past Wednesday evening. We...

hoboken w hotel rainbow pot of gold 520x245 - Pot of Gold in Hoboken?

Pot of Gold in Hoboken?

8/8/2008: One Hoboken411 reader is wondering if it’s a coincidence that this recently-spotted rainbow ended at the W Hotel. Who got the pot of gold?