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radioshack radio shack doomed Hoboken NJ

Adios rADIOShack!

Adios rADIOShack! We worked at Radio Shack (rADIOShack) back in the late 80’s. Loved it there! Great pay – especially for a teenager who had a passion for the products they sold. And for...

radio shack

Radio Shack – Dead?

Stumbled on this story about Radio Shack from eight years ago – funny, but sadly true! Even CEO Can’t Figure Out How Radio Shack Still In Business Apr 23, 2007 FORT WORTH, TX—Despite having...

1987 radio shack portable cellular phone

Retro cell phone ad

3/13/2009: Hoboken411 reader nacholibre included me on an email distribution list that included this retro 1988 Radio Shack catalog page of the first real “portable” cell phone. “Only 28 ounces!” Sad thing is –...