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individuals in a sheep world

Individuals are rarely benefactors

Individuals are rarely benefactors {why?} This post is going to be a bit too hard from some people. It requires a little out of the box thinking. “Big picture,” so to say. But whenever...

Dawn Zimmer on Government Ethics in Hoboken New Jersey NJ

The Chronically Ironic Dawn Zimmer

2/16/2011: Hoboken411 editorial: The situational ethics of City Hall …and what the local press corps should be doing today to expose it. Dawn Zimmer has an ethics problem. Actually, she has several. Many of...

Psywar Movie Poster Documentary Psychological Warfare

Saturday 411 Cinema: Psywar

9/4/2010: Public perception, propaganda and spin What does it mean? Where did it come from? “Managing” the opinion and perception of the masses – from a local community, a whole country and even the...