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No Hoboken Tax Cut Property Tax Hike

What Hoboken tax cut?

Hoboken tax cut non-existent {can’t say that about bike lanes} Back when (current) “mayor” don Zimmer was peddling for votes – she made a Hoboken tax cut a cornerstone of her campaign. “I will...

Hoboken reval property tax meeting

Hoboken reval rhetoric

Council seeks to terminate “rolling reassessment” in Hoboken Zimmer misled council members, no transparency… Hoboken City Council members Beth Mason, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti called on “mayor” Zimmer today to cancel...

Hoboken Public Service Announcement Property Tax Revaluation NJ HUMC

Selective Reval in Hoboken

Letter: Why the selective reval in Hoboken? What about the residents? First Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano wants all property tax-payers to know how some special “connected” groups of people made such wondrous strides in...