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Hoboken Parking Dude app selling identity for money

Hoboken Parking Dude App {privacy}

Hoboken Parking Dude App {privacy}{lack thereof} Here’s a heads up for anyone that uses the Hoboken Parking Dude app to “help” them find parking: YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS are FOR SALE. The Parking...

wikibuy avoid

Wikibuy – DO NOT USE!

Wikibuy – DO NOT USE! {this browser extension} Wikibuy is this “new” browser plugin that claims to save you money when shopping on Amazon. The concept sounds novel and neat. It claims to “shop...

LULZ Security & More

LULZ Security & More

Pat Lamb talks about LULZ, local news, Google and spying Here’s today’s cartoon and commentary video from Pat Lamb. He talks about the recent LULZ security arrest, some local headlines, and all this fear...