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too stupid to rule

Too Stupid to Rule

I love editorials that make a clear point. This is one of them. Too Stupid to Rule {HRC, that is…} By Z-Man alk to anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you that...

Sample Ballot Hoboken NJ SM 520x245 - 2012 General Election Ballot

2012 General Election Ballot

Sample Ballot for Hoboken, NJ – 2012 General Election In case you’re not in tune with politics – and still want to vote in today’s 2012 General Election, perhaps you need to spend a...

Debt brother vs mitt the twit 520x245 - 2012 Presidential Election

2012 Presidential Election

2012 Presidential Debate Prep – MSM alternatives Has the mainstream media (MSM) ever been completely honest and trustworthy with the information they disseminate to the masses? I’m not so sure there was ever a...

eli manning votes in hoboken 1 520x245 - Eli Manning votes in Hoboken

Eli Manning votes in Hoboken

11/4/2008: Hoboken411 reader Todd send in a couple cameraphone pix of NY Giants star Quarterback Eli Manning – voting at the 14th Street fire station.

Is the election essentially over?

Is the election essentially over?

11/3/2008: All the polls out there indicate it’s pretty much impossible for Republican Candidate John McCain to win the election. What are the chances that their scientific polls are grossly wrong? Can that contingent...

undecided voters 520x245 - Are you an undecided voter?

Are you an undecided voter?

11/2/2008: Most political crazies believe it’s next to impossible to be an undecided voter. If you have a half hour – listen to the audiocast below the picture. WNYC.org has an audio webcast about...

barack obama cartoon spreading the wealth to mccain 520x245 - Reader Mail: Obama cartoons

Reader Mail: Obama cartoons

10/31/2008: I received two separate emails this week with Barack Obama cartoons attached. Spread the wealth (to McCain) Not a good plan now, is it Barack? Voter Fraud Now THAT would make an awesome...