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dog droppings everywhere in hoboken 520x245 - Lazy folks and poopy Hoboken streets

Lazy folks and poopy Hoboken streets

2/4/2011 Update: Snow brings dog poop land mines in Hoboken! Bumping this thread from a while back – about the increasing number of dog droppings in Hoboken that aren’t picked up. Have you noticed...

Please pick up after your dog in the snow Hoboken NJ street signs 520x245 - Hoboken Poop Watchers!

Hoboken Poop Watchers!

12/23/2009: Say no to poop on snow! I’m very fortunate that Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar almost exclusively takes care of business at our local dog runs. However, some residents must be getting lazy and leaving...

Silly Idea: Poo Trap

Silly Idea: Poo Trap

9/4/2009: Nice Try… Man – I know people not picking up their dog poop is a problem in Hoboken – imagine trying to get thousands of people to attach this ridiculous contraption to their...