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Hoboken411 site updates august 13 2010 520x245 - Friday 411 Updates: 8/13/2010

Friday 411 Updates: 8/13/2010

8/13/2010: What changes were made on Hoboken411? Here are this week’s “behind the scenes” updates on Hoboken411.com that got minimal or no front page coverage: EAT! Updated Casual Thai restaurant at 1006 Washington. They...

Rotating Galleries White and Black Stravaganza Maxwells Hoboken June 12 2010 520x245 - White & Black stravaganza

White & Black stravaganza

7/9/2010: Show part of the Rotating Galleries in Hoboken As you might know, Hoboken has many empty storefronts. And instead of leaving them vacant, various pop-up art galleries (called Rotating Galleries) have occupied the...

platform soul 520x245 - Platform not without Soul

Platform not without Soul

4/15/2010 Update: Platform now open at 100 Bloomfield “The retail store formerly known as Platform Soul” reopened in the last week or two over at 100 Bloomfield Street. More than just shoes, they now...